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özel baskılı duvardan duvara otel halı


associated carpets


spot otel halı


For 1000m2 total order custom designs and especial colors can be produce with out extra charge.

Polyamide hotel carpets , wool hotel carpets / 800gr /1000gr/ 1200gr/1600gr.

Just imagine your design and color we will realize it.
Hotel Carpets
The people on vacation or in business trips looks for relaxed atmosphere in the hotels.
To provide this atmosphere the carpet in the hotel has an important place among the furniture.
According to the hotel decoration capets should be selected correctly, Thats why we are here to help you to choose the right carpet with right quality.
The appearangece of the carpets are important but cleaning is important too.
Thats why for diferent areas need to be selected carpets with diferent qualiti an diferent resistan

For example
Carpets who are used in the corridors should be durable to suitcas and trolley wheels.
Or carpets who are used in restourants area need to be with stain resistant.